quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Michael Dias Costas, known here as Rashid, is one of most famous Brazilian Rappers here, he published his first EP in 2010, entitled, Hora de Acordar (Time to Wake Up).

Rashid, in Arabic means loyal, fair, so, we can get a dimension of what he sings about by his nick.

Rashid is very famous here and in my opinion, he is one of the bests, with Emicida, Projota, Maomé, etc.

Rashid Performing Quando Eu Morrer(When I Die)

If you are interested in my blog, you should check his musics, they are prideful, honorous and have amazing lyrics(so much rhymes, rythm, but i cant transmit it to you guys by lyrics :/, check the music reading the lyrics.)

Rashid won the Battle of Santa Cruz and Rinha dos Mc's(Cockfight of Mc's) consecutives times, and, together with Emicida, one of the some mc's to win the Galo de Ouro (Gold Rooster).

Everytime i hear Rashid's musics, i get amazed, the lyrics are beautiful.

terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011


The blog was offline, i dont know why, lol, but its up again

segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

You dont remember them, but they are here

Today i want to talk about some guys that we dont usually see in rap, but they do a very important part of the music: the beat. Yeah, the DJ's.

They can do only a simple beat or be the main star of the music.

Dj Caique, most famous Brazilian Rapper Dj.

Skrillex Performing "Kill Everybody"

Dj's plays in rap battles too, and they normally determinate the rythm of the battle or of the song. The "flow". The beat can be done by the same rapper that sings or other, or the composer.

Emicida vs Drope.

We can see here how the DJ determinates the rythm of the battle(even Drope is bad as hell in rythm). We usually dont recognize much rap Dj's, but they are everywhere and are one of the "pillars" of the hip hop, without them the whole music scene should be much more undeveloped.

One hi to all Dj's around the world, you guys are very important for the whole music.

I would like so much to learn some pick-up skills, but its very expensive here =(

domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Break Dancing: The Visual Part of Hip Hop/Rap

I think all you guys knows Break Dancing, right ?
I think Break Dancing is the visual part of Rap/Hip Hop.

Today, i was browsing YouTube and found this vídeo of a championship of Break Dancing

Red Bull Bc One

In my opinion, Break Dancing is very beautiful and good to watch, personally, im not that elastic to perform some Break Dancing, lol.
The B-Boys add some sort of their culture in their dancing, and it is what it is nice about Break. The guys battle themselves in sport, not in other way.

 Cico vs. Pelezinho

Pelezinho, Brazilian B-Boy vs. Cico in Red Bull Bc One(contained in the first vídeo) for those who dont want to watch the full vídeo of the championship, but i recommend you watch it all, very beautiful in my opinion.

sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

Differences in Rap

Hey guys, no Brazilian Rappers for today ;p
Today i want to talk about the difference about some "styles" of rap.
The big diference of styles that i can see is: the lyrics and the beat.

(You can see the translated lyric here: http://pastebin.com/gWq811bi)

We can clarely see this in those two musics, the first one is a calm beat, and the 50 cents music is more,  "agressive", hm, i dont know how to describe it, but you got it :p

Some musics talk about their family, their friends, where they grown and others talks about cars, money, girls, etc. There isnt a better or worst style, its just differences, maybe you like the first one, or the "money" style.

Normally, we dont see rappers polarize in one side, they have musics about their life, loves about money, car, etc.

In Brazil, its common for rappers to sing in the first standard, but we can see example

Rappers talk about what they like, and we like that. Hey guys, what style you prefer ? lets go.

sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2011


Projota (José Tiago Sabino Pereira) is an rapper, singer and composer. He started to became famous when he started winning the rap battles. He won the battle of Santa Cruz four times and Rinha dos Mc's (Cockfight of Mc's :P)

In his first time, Projota made an EP, named Carta aos Meus (Letter to my [bros]) in 2009, his second work was the mixtape Projeção (Projection), 2010 and his last work, Projeção para Elas (Projection for Her), 2011.

Projota Performing Nóis (We), from the EP Carta para os Meus

This music is about Projota's hope, and his childhood, when his friends was going to school only to eat lunch. he says how difficulty is to maintain hope and keep going when everything is against you and his dream to be someone in life and the foolishness of peoples, like their football team or their belly fat.

quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

New Template

We are improving o/
You guys liked the new template ?
This is my first blog and my format skills sucks too :/ but i am improving it aswell the entire blog.

If u dont know, the guy in the background is Emicida.