quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Michael Dias Costas, known here as Rashid, is one of most famous Brazilian Rappers here, he published his first EP in 2010, entitled, Hora de Acordar (Time to Wake Up).

Rashid, in Arabic means loyal, fair, so, we can get a dimension of what he sings about by his nick.

Rashid is very famous here and in my opinion, he is one of the bests, with Emicida, Projota, Maomé, etc.

Rashid Performing Quando Eu Morrer(When I Die)

If you are interested in my blog, you should check his musics, they are prideful, honorous and have amazing lyrics(so much rhymes, rythm, but i cant transmit it to you guys by lyrics :/, check the music reading the lyrics.)

Rashid won the Battle of Santa Cruz and Rinha dos Mc's(Cockfight of Mc's) consecutives times, and, together with Emicida, one of the some mc's to win the Galo de Ouro (Gold Rooster).

Everytime i hear Rashid's musics, i get amazed, the lyrics are beautiful.

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  1. those lyrics really are great. more Rashid!

  2. the lyrics are really confidence energy boosting. too bad the translation can't be as beautiful/rhythmic as the original language im sure but i get the idea.

    the beat is fantastic

  3. Kickass! Gonna ask my friend Rasha to tell me what the lyrics say!

  4. Its been real interesting to listen to these Brazilian rappers "] I didnt know they had it in them.

  5. im gonna go to brazil soon, glad there is a hapening scene there.

  6. pow, mto bom o teu blog, bro! seguindo!

  7. eh not my thing but nicely done none the less


  8. Not my cup of tea, but written brilliantly!