domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Break Dancing: The Visual Part of Hip Hop/Rap

I think all you guys knows Break Dancing, right ?
I think Break Dancing is the visual part of Rap/Hip Hop.

Today, i was browsing YouTube and found this vídeo of a championship of Break Dancing

Red Bull Bc One

In my opinion, Break Dancing is very beautiful and good to watch, personally, im not that elastic to perform some Break Dancing, lol.
The B-Boys add some sort of their culture in their dancing, and it is what it is nice about Break. The guys battle themselves in sport, not in other way.

 Cico vs. Pelezinho

Pelezinho, Brazilian B-Boy vs. Cico in Red Bull Bc One(contained in the first vídeo) for those who dont want to watch the full vídeo of the championship, but i recommend you watch it all, very beautiful in my opinion.

6 comentários:

  1. break dancing is epic!

    i love that guys beatbox too haha

  2. It is truly an art form, love it.

  3. Hell yea Razzel!
    The whole hiphop scene is so big now its nuts, even graffiti is a part of it!

  4. Awesome! Wish I could do this crap, oh wait. NVM :D

  5. Lol this was awesome "), I just saw some guys break dancing at the beach last friday ")

  6. I loved watching Junior back in the day, inspiration with the polio and all.