segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

You dont remember them, but they are here

Today i want to talk about some guys that we dont usually see in rap, but they do a very important part of the music: the beat. Yeah, the DJ's.

They can do only a simple beat or be the main star of the music.

Dj Caique, most famous Brazilian Rapper Dj.

Skrillex Performing "Kill Everybody"

Dj's plays in rap battles too, and they normally determinate the rythm of the battle or of the song. The "flow". The beat can be done by the same rapper that sings or other, or the composer.

Emicida vs Drope.

We can see here how the DJ determinates the rythm of the battle(even Drope is bad as hell in rythm). We usually dont recognize much rap Dj's, but they are everywhere and are one of the "pillars" of the hip hop, without them the whole music scene should be much more undeveloped.

One hi to all Dj's around the world, you guys are very important for the whole music.

I would like so much to learn some pick-up skills, but its very expensive here =(

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  1. Wow! Hit me back,

  2. I've never been that big of a fan of rap, though i might start to listen to it. followed.

  3. yeah, dubstep is awesome pv :p

  4. Oh ya I love skrillex! :) I love Kill Everybody at 1:20 when it starts doing the electro climb. so sick!

  5. I never really considered that Skrillex could DJ for a rap battle but i suppose it happens eh? Love this blog man, you really have a broad view on the hip-hop world!